About Us


We are committed to provide the best trekking services on Kilimajaro.


To be the trekking agency of choice.

JUST-KILIMANJARO is a small, locally owned trekking outfit based in Moshi. We have been operating guided treks on Mt. Kilimanjaro since January 2012. Our aim is to provide you with a trekking experience of the highest quality. We achieve this by:

  • operating only one trek at a time
  • using high quality mountain equipment
  • dishing great food
  • staffing some of the best guides and crew in the business
  • being an ethically responsible company

COVID-19 has affected tourism in a major way here in Tanzania just as much as the rest of the World. It has been the income earner for may of us living and working in and around Kilimanjaro. Thankfully, our overseas agents and climbers made this transition easier for all of us who have a single income. They raised money for COVID relief that has sustained us for quite a while. You are appreciated. We are all now adjusted to this 'new reality'.

The impact of COVID-19, healthwise, has been little here in Tanzania. According to scientists there are many factors contributing to it's little impact in our country. Hospitals see very little cases -if any and our present government has been working hard to ensure that COVID is curbed and measures are in place to bring this sector to start rolling again including vaccinating everyone involved in tourism.

The 2021 season is underway and we have seen tourists in town, on the mountains and all other natioal parks. Hopefully, things go according to plans and we get to welcome all of you to vist our beautiful country.


Stay blessed, stay safe,

methley SWAI